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Thank you for visiting my Bible devotions blog! I hope that you find this resource encouraging. I have written a bit more in depth about the structure behind Kiwi Style Mum here. In the next few paragraphs I hope to introduce myself.

When you’re a new mum you’re up all night and then some. All your brain can really cope with is watching or reading things that are quite light in content, or at least that was my experience for a time.

But scrolling through Pinterest ideas for the latest home decor tips or watching funny YouTube videos is not very edifying. Lots of them are secular and there’s nothing wrong with that! It just means they will often not take Christ seriously, may even use his name in vain on occasion.

Other Bible devotion blogs

Kimi Smith - Kiwi Style Mum Bible Devotions
Roughly what Kimi Smith looks like in real life.

When I was in that space (and am about to be again with number two) I wanted to read something that brought me closer to God, not further away. Unfortunately I only ever found topical Bible devotions on one or two verses, usually from the New Testament on Pinterest.

There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact you need to think about topics and what the Bible says about them so you can live a godly life and think rightly about God. But only ever reading that creates an unbalanced diet.

Same goes with only reading from the New Testament.

No, what I wanted was a light walking through of a passage that my brain could cope with at 2am after waking every hour and a half. I needed something that translated the Bible’s images into something I could get and relate to when not all my brain cells were on fire.

Perhaps there is already such a blog. Please let me know if there is! I didn’t find it and figured the best thing to do was to create one myself.

Aim of Kiwi Style Mum

So that is the focus of Kiwi Style Mum, to provide Bible devotions that are on larger chunks of the Bible and are easy to read. I’m starting with Isaiah, as my knowledge of Isaiah (for now) is there exist two chapters, chapter 6, where he is appointed as a prophet and chapter 53, the most famous prediction about Jesus Christ.

I have a degree in Mathematics and know that there are a few more chapters in the book than just those two. So let’s dig into them together!

Who is writing these Bible devotions?

Kimi Smith's family - Kiwi Style Mum Bible Devotions
Roughly what the whānau looks like in real life.

Just so you know a bit more about my background, my pen name is Kimi Smith. I have a husband, a son, a baby on the way and a Huntaway dog. Ōtautahi aka Christchurch, New Zealand is my home and I enjoy sewing and blogging. I have been a Christian since my early teens (roughly 15 years ago).

I’m a Protestant Evangelical Christian, so I believe what the Nicene creed says. A true Christian is someone who has a personal relationship with God, which then flows on to how they treats others (love God, love your neighbour).

Despite this, if you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at

Kimismith @

I would love to hear from you and get to know you as my readers, so I can pray for you and write the occasional topical post that you may find helpful. In order to finance this project I’ll also be reviewing books (which you’ll be able to buy through affiliate links at, so knowing who you are will help me read books you may find helpful and draw your attention to them.

You can also find me on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

From parenting to Bible devotions

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