Wow! What a rollercoaster ride it has been! And we’ve ended up as a Bible devotions blog.

I figure it would be good to clarify the aim of this blog here, so that it’s clear in my head and clear for you, my reader, where we are going with this. And, for your information, I’m an Evangelical, Protestant Christian, which basically means I say ‘Amen’ to the whole Nicene Creed.

The aim of Kiwi Style Mum is to provide tired mums with some spiritual brain food.

Kimi Smith

Where the idea for Bible devotions (for women in particular) started

When I was breastfeeding at 2am I wanted to read something slightly more edifying than Pinterest DIYs or Today I Found Out videos (entertaining, but not spiritually encouraging).

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But I am quite picky. I wanted to read something that systematically went through a book of the Bible, not just blog posts on random topics like ‘Parenting’ or ‘How to become a godly mum’.

Perhaps such systematic blog posts are out there and I just wasn’t typing in the right key words. I found YouTubers who shared thoughts on a couple of verses, but this feels like the spiritual equivalent of eating a lolly pop. It’s nice every so often, but it’s not a healthy diet.

So I’ve decided to create such a blog myself.

You won’t find lots of one off blog posts here (although I may write a few on ‘Questions to ask when reading the Bible’ or something and intend to write Christian book reviews). Instead, you’ll find series of blog posts that go through a whole book chapter by chapter.

And the first book I’ve chosen to write about is Isaiah.

Why start do Isaiah devotionals?

I can’t remember why exactly I picked Isaiah, but there are a few reasons that remain key to sticking with this major prophet.

Key reason number 1: Lot’s of Bible devotions online focus on New Testament letters.

I get it, they’re comparatively easy to write about. The original New Testament readers knew about Jesus and had the Holy Spirit and were at times not Jews. They have all these things in common with us.

In the Old Testament it’s not that straightforward. They were Hebrews and then Jews, they didn’t quite understand how God was going to save them (although they trusted he would), they had a king and were conquered by other kings. This is so much harder to write about faithfully!

Key reason number 2: I have an unbalanced knowledge of Isaiah.

And I’m guessing you do too. If you’ve been a Christian for a while you’ll have heard sermons at least sighting Isaiah chapter 6 or Isaiah 53. But what’s the rest of the book about? How do those passages fit with it?

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Just like Christians gravitate towards reading the New Testament more than the Old, so we gravitate towards reading Bible passages that have a clear fulfilling or partial fulfilling in the New Testament (or at least, I do).

So I wanted to counter this. I want to dive deep into a book that is long (66 chapters, eep!) and hard to understand at first glance. We may take a break part way through (commentaries on Isaiah are broken up into two volumes after all), but I’m committed to reading this whole book and writing thoughts on each passage.

The structure of these Isaiah Bible devotions

I think I’m going to end up writing two posts on each passage. One will be for when it is 2am and having two brain cells to knock together would be a feat in itself for you dear reader (it would have been for me). The other will be for when it is 2pm, you’ve had 5 coffees and can keep your eyes open without toothpicks.

The 2am devotions will be short. I will walk you through the passage a few verses at a time, pulling out ideas and giving you a tl;dr main idea. There will also be a brief application at the end of the post.

The 2pm devotions will be longer and will answer the following questions:

Bible Study Questions - Kiwi Style Mum Bible Devotions

That’s the devotion where I may site other Bible passages and commentaries.

Bible translation

I have an ESV Bible (not this one exactly, but this one is cute and pink! This is an affiliate link, see disclaimers and disclosures), which I will be studying the text from myself. However, they have put a copy right on the text, and fair enough too.

For the 2am studies I want to include the text! It’s 2am and you’re holding a baby, you don’t have the physical space to hold a Bible as well (plus where would you get one from without waking the baby). And flipping from web browser to an app or a different tab? Ain’t no one got time for that!

So the text I’ll be using is the one in the Public domain: the World English Bible.

What do I know about this translation? Not much at this stage, other than no one will come after me asking me to pay royalties. I’ll point out any significant differences between the two.

I may use some other translations or paraphrases of the Bible down the line, but let’s leave it there for now.

May you be encouraged by these Bible devotions

I pray that these Isaiah series will be a blessing to you. Writing about the Bible is a privilege for me and the most worthy thing I can think of doing with my spare time. May it be used to build you up and encourage you to live a godly life, clinging on to Jesus.