Alternative Cloth Nappy Tips and Tricks

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Doing cloth nappies is so much easier when you have a few tricks you already know about.

I am now 18 months into doing cloth nappies and have learnt a few things on the way from my own experience and that of others. There are loads of videos showing you how to fold nappies, how to wash nappies, how to get stains out of cloth nappies…

Here are some things you may find helpful in your journeying through cloth nappies:

Clean Cloth Nappies Facebook group

I was blessed by being allowed to observe a friend doing cloth nappies for a whole year before embarking on the journey myself. The first thing she did was point me to the Clean Cloth Nappies Facebook group, which now also has a Clean Cloth Nappies website.

They used to be called Clean Cloth Nappies Down Under, so as a heads up their advice is at times tailored to those Down Under, but will become more universal as people do their own experiments around the globe.

They have a tried and tested cleaning regime, including a strip and sanitise. This S&S means you can buy 2nd hand nappies without worrying about passing on infections to your little one, as you can wash them so thoroughly the infection will be buried in it’s grave 3 times over.

I won’t repeat all the advice that you can find on there. Check them out at their group or website at any point during your journey. Remember, if you want their help troubleshooting an issue, do answer all their questions first from the photo headed ‘Need help?’

Cloth out and about

Alternative Cloth Nappy Tips and Tricks - Child playing outside
Being outside is usually a good thing for kids.
Photo credit: Gyorgy Bakos

You can do it! But don’t feel you have to. I do, and it’s no drama llama, but others use cloth at home and if they need to change when they’re out they use a disposable.

Every cloth nappy you use saves a disposable from being used. Go you! (Check out my article ‘How SAHM earn money automatically‘ for an emotional booster if you’re needing one.)

On a different note I always lose parts of my containers that hold the wet wipes in. Annoying much! A solution I haven’t yet used is to get a wet wipe holder. Another would be to pack dry wipes and a water bottle, so you can wet as you go (I just thought of that… perhaps I’ll try it). You could use a zip lock bag.

The solution we’ve been using at times, which I think is genius, is to recycle an old disposable wet wipe bag/container thing. Shove your wet wipes into that. Who cares if your toddler pulls them out? You can just shove them back in again! They’re a convenient size and they are malleable, so can be pushed into an overflowing nappy bag.

Don’t be content with leg gaps

Alternative Cloth Nappy Tips and Tricks - A baby on a blanket
Side tip: Once a baby is completely weaned their poo may change in smell. And not for the better.
Photo credit: Picsea

The fit isn’t right if this is happening. Something is going wrong. NappyMojo have produced a video that I just watched today and have immediately put into practice (she has made other videos for different sized babies).

The leg gaps I’ve been putting up with were huge. Not a problem for just wees, but poos… a leak every time. EVERY TIME. And my son isn’t a regular 4pm every day sort of kid. He’ll poo the morning for a few days, then he’ll poo four times in the space of an afternoon hour.

What I’m trying to say is, if you’re getting leaks, something isn’t going right and you can get it sorted. You don’t have to put up with frequent clothes changes. Watch some videos, talk to some friends, take photos and ask for help. Someone else will have had a similar issue and there will be a fix. You can do it!

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Water sprayer

Also known as a bidet. We bought one plus parts from our local Mitre 10 and Bunnings (we shop regularly at both), but now that I’ve seen this one on Amazon I wish we’d gone with that (it has all the parts you’ll need).

If you do go to your local hardware store, call beforehand and say it’s on their website (if it is), as the sales people I’ve talked to have all tried sending me to a special plumbing store to get one (I can’t blame them, there’s so much stock to remember).

This device makes the job of scraping number 2s into the toilet a little more pleasant. I mean, a toddler’s faeces are gross and the job isn’t going to be fun no matter what. But for the more diarrhetic child this thing is a must. No need to do it with new born poo though!

Alternative Cloth Nappy Tips and Tricks - A bathroom with toilet
You don’t need to flush new born poo, as it dissolves in water. Still rinse it down your laundry sink though!
Photo credit: Filios Sazeides

Small towel on the floor

Do you like mopping? Do you mop every week? Do you like stepping in little drops of water that your socks immediately absorb?

If no then put a small, old towel on the floor. I use a pink-ribbon, flat nappy. Put it just in front of your washing machine, between the laundry sink and the washing machine opening if you have a front loader. If you have a top loader arrange it so that it bridges the gap between the two.

This way any unsavoury water gets soaked up immediately. Just add the small towel to your nappy wash when you decide it’s dirty enough and time saved! You don’t have to mop as frequently!

Do the same in your toilet, as poo has a habit of flying and the last thing you want is to miss a spot. Alternatively, I suppose, you could buy a lot of socks.

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