Are you looking for a quick fix to doing the housework fast? Perhaps you’ve been meaning to get around to some sewing or calling that relative or doing the dishes and it just never seems to happen. Here you’ll find the secret to the best way to get stuff done.

You may feel unproductive because other things get in the way or you end up wasting time on Facebook or Youtube or Pinterest. You try and find the secret to getting the chores done and it always seems just out of reach.

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Best way to get things done

Well here is the solution! Are you ready?

Best way to get stuff done - Writing a list
The solution is not in the list.
Photo credit: William Iven

Just do it.


Just go and get the thing done! Stop reading this and get moving!

Does the toilet need cleaning? Don’t write it on a list or Youtube ‘Best way to clean a toilet‘. Just go and do the thing that needs doing!

Don’t download an app, which can record all the things you need to do and when you did or didn’t do them. Don’t go on Pinterest and find the best ‘To-do’ sheet. This will take away time from actually getting stuff done.

When to write a list

There is a time and a place to write a list, but it’s not the number one way to get a job done. You write a list when you’re overwhelmed. It is mainly a mental task; you’re organising things in your brain so that you’re not distracted by them when you’re actually trying to get the thing done that needs doing.


Just do the vacuuming! Do it now! But don’t wake the baby…
Photo credit: The Creative Exchange

Do one thing first at least! Get the dishes done, the toilet cleaned, the washing folded. Then spend your time writing a list or adding it to an app or crossing it off the to-do list because you didn’t take this advice. Because if you do the one thing and then write the list you will have accomplished something other than writing a list.

So go do the thing! Be productive! Just do it!

In the same way I just smashed out a short blog post in an hour! You can do it!