Kia Ora!

So, if you’re visiting here and noticing that there hasn’t been a post in a while, you would be correct. My aim was to post once a week, which would be completely doable for me if it weren’t for the fact that illness has plagued my family on and off for the past month and a half.

Also during that time my laptop died, so I had nothing with enough oompf power to write blog posts on for 2 weeks (the two weeks between illnesses of course). I now no longer have access to my kimismith @ email address… child walked into the table… because it won’t let me reset my password, so I’ll have to contact my hosting platform to see what they can do. Apologies if you’ve sent me an email there and I haven’t replied! At least now you know why.

Now that we have a new laptop I have my conscience plaguing me that I can’t write and promote products, which have either harmful effects on the environment or are produced with sweatshop labour. As you may know, affiliate marketing is the way… my child is sitting on my dog, I need to fix that… bloggers tend to partially fund their businesses (which was my original plan… not anymore).

So, that’s where this blog is at. If you’re interested to see where this goes do subscribe below. Otherwise, I do hope you bump into me again on the world wide web, as I don’t plan on giving up on this pursuit just yet. I really have enjoyed writing and would love to produce ideas that are helpful to you.


Kimi Smith

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