Mother’s day gift ideas

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Alternative mother's day gift ideas - Kiwi style mum

Mothers are precious. They put in hours of work into us during our childhood and beyond. If you’re reading this then you’re likely thinking of getting her something for Mother’s day, which is something everybody should do. Or perhaps you’re thinking of your partner who has children.

Either way here are a few ideas to get those creative gift idea juices pumping.

Something she wants

This is a bit of a ‘duh’ idea. Some families are completely okay with asking the matriarch for what she actually wants. She might suggest something you completely didn’t expect.

Bouquet of Roses

Mother's day gift ideas - Bouquet of Roses
I will work on my photography skills. In the meantime, you get the idea!
Photo credit: Me!

But not the kind that eventually wilts. I made this for Valentines day for my husband, but it would totally be appropriate for Mother’s day.

Materials you’ll need:

  • Cellotape
  • Sticks
  • Greenery
  • Box of chocolate roses

How to make it: You stick the chocolates to the ends of the sticks. Then put the greenery around the ‘Roses’ (we conveniently have some fern and mint in the garden) and there is a lovely edible bouquet to put in a vase (that’s cheaper than an actual bouquet of roses).

Make her breakfast in bed

Mother's day gift ideas - Breakfast in bed
This will surprise her for sure!
Photo credit: Toa Heftiba

This works if you live nearby. What a lovely treat to give your mum on Mother’s day! She won’t be expecting you sneaking in and making her breakfast in bed.

For the biggest surprise effect, make as much of the meal at home as possible and take it round to her place. When you’re there you can make her a cup of coffee or tea, or perhaps pass a coffee shop on the way over (with that option take along a takeaway cup; reduce, reuse, recycle).

Buy her dinner

You could buy the ingredients and make it at her house or get take out or take her out to a restaurant. The options are endless! There are websites that give you vouchers online, so you can get your dollar to stretch that little bit further and give her a very special treat.

Take her out to an event, show or movie

Check at your local theatres for what shows are on. Or perhaps there’s a talk on something she likes happening. If all else fails taking your mum to the movies might go down very nicely.

Obviously, the event or show probably won’t be showing on Mother’s day. On Mother’s day you could give her the ticket. The key here is going with your mother, wherever you decided to take her. She’ll love spending time with you.

A course

There are loads of online courses out there. Your mum might like gardening or sewing or flower arranging or…

Check what’s on near you and what would take your mum’s fancy. Again, if you can do the course with her this will make the gift more special and give you two something to bond over.

Piece of jewellery

Mother's day gift ideas - Pearl necklace or Jewellery
Lots of women like pearls.
Photo credit: Cornelia Ng

The beauty of jewellery is that it’s small. That means when she’s not wearing it it doesn’t take up lots of space in her house. While not everyone is a hoarder, most people own more things than they would like to own, although they struggle to throw things out too.

Jewellery also has the charm of attracting memories. You tend to remember where you got the item, who got it for you and perhaps one or two things you did while wearing it. This makes it a special gift to give on Mother’s day.

In New Zealand pounamu or jade is a very special stone. You may only get one as a gift; you may not buy it for yourself. It’s not quite as significant as an engagement ring, but it conveys a sense of respect and belonging, and the different carvings have different meanings. Be sure to check out different ones!

Note: Some stones are sold as jade, but are not actually jade. I’ve linked to the brand Earthbound, as on their website they make mention of this and guarentee the genuineness of their artefacts.

Something handmade

You’re perhaps a stellar baker or a wonderful seamstress. Whatever your skill set, surely you can make something for your mum. She’ll appreciate a painted picture that she can hang up or a batch of muffins.

Do a household chore for her

Mother's day gift ideas - Do the dishes
Who doesn’t like it when someone does their dishes?
Photo credit: Catt Liu

My mum’s birthday wasn’t long ago and one of the things she said she’d love was for someone to go out and do some weeding for her. Perhaps your mum is similar.

Maybe she hates cleaning the bathroom or doing the washing. You could pop over and do this for her while she spends time with her grandchildren (that is, if you have children).

Something most of these ideas have in common is time. Most mothers (your mother or your partner) love it when you spend time on them or with them. They spent lots of time raising babies once upon a time, or perhaps they still do. Either way mothers cherish you. How are you going to spend time with your mother or partner this Mother’s day?